We Seek

intersectionally equal futures by designing with data, tech and computational methods.

We Value

lived experiences of those who are being oppressed, underrepresented or ignored based on their gender, race, age, class, sexual orientation, ability, religion, political orientation, citizenship, and more.

We Use

creative and collective design methods to research and produce.

We Learn

from the history of power, abuse and oppression and the feminist struggle.

We Speculate

on future of patriarchy, colonialism, capitalism, labour, gender, race, tech and...

We Care

about feminism, social justice and future.

We Unite

to lift-up and enhance each other in solidarity towards just futures.

We Spread

voices of our community.

We are Inspired by

Data Feminism

Design Justice

Feminist City


Feminist Data Set

Invisible Women

Weapons of Math Destruction

Algorithms of Oppression

and many others...

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